Subject: File No.
From: Lorrie Ogren, MA,LPCC
Affiliation: Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Private Practice with Alternative Psychotherapy LLC

March 6, 2017

Dear Commissioner Piwowar, As a consumer, it is important to me that I am able to access key information about the companies I purchase from, including information about their conflict minerals sourcing practices.
I do not want my purchases to support violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Conflict Minerals Rule has made it easier for me to assess which companies are taking steps to ensure their products are not linked to this decades-long conflict. Additionally, I believe transparent supply chains are an important indicator of a companys overall stability, which is a key factor for making both purchasing and investment decisions.
I urge you to do an indepth study on the ground in the areas in question to determine the best practice rules to be put into effect - ones that indeed have human rights, safety and respect as key priority rather than profits..I encourage you to truely determine if it is adventageoys to keep the Conflict Minerals Rule fully intact, based on human rights principles, and to work with your fellow SEC commissioners to enforce the best practice Rules in moving forward. I and the world are keeping an eye on this issue and wish to only support non conflict minerals. Please set a precidence with integrity on this issue. Thank you.