Subject: File No.
From: Abraham J Meintjes, Cdr Ret SA Navy
Affiliation: Member of the Natural Healer's Association

March 6, 2017

Respected Commissioner Piwowar, I have been researching and working between Banana, Matadi, Kinsasha and Kisangani in the DRC since 2004. The conflict mineral exploitation in the eastern DRC had been blocking free (albeit policed) access on the N3 road between Uvira and Kisangani since 2007 in my personal experience. I also try to pomote conservation agricultural at rural village level in the eastern DRC, but find it virtually impossible due to rebel conduct, travel warnings, guarded foreign and mineral exploitation interests, foreign manipulation and traumatized populations. A far greater order, organizations, structure and good governance is required in the eastern DRC (South and North Kivu provinces of the DRC) please. The situation is also submitted to affect the stability in the SADC region, as far south as South Africa where DRC refugees come to seek work and aboud. Kindly keep the Conflict Mineral Rules in place along with more objective international community development commitment in the eastern DR Congo. Yours sincerely, - in Christian mission and agricultural outreach.

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