Subject: File No.
From: Mary Beene
Affiliation: Pastor

March 6, 2017

As a consumer, I do not wish to see this bill weakened, and in fact would like enforcement to be a top priority. As a consumer, I not only want, but need transparency in supply chains so that I can make informed decisions. Without such transparency, capitalism cannot work, as externalities are not appropriately compensated for. You mention a "de facto" embargo -- that is exactly what we need for companies that do not meet the criteria of this law, if not a legal embargo. Lives are at stake. Companies that cannot meet these needs, need a better business model -- perhaps enforcement of the law can include appropriate training and support for companies willing to meet critical legal standards. Certainly US companies should have no alternative but to go to suppliers meeting these minimum requirements for transparency, and those who do not should not benefit from weakened regulation, but instead be held to even higher standards. This is not a game, nor a purely financial transaction greed will cost people their lives and their dignity when this rule is weakened.