Subject: File No.
From: Adriel E Shearer, MEd
Affiliation: Professor of World History and Human Geography

February 25, 2017

How many different minerals are inside the computer I am typing this comment from. How can I ensure that each of those minerals are extracted without harming individuals or feeding cycles of armed conflict through out the world. As a U.S. Consumer I am happy to pay higher prices for electronics and other goods if I have the assurance that they are conflict free. The very industries and corporations you are trying to help are advocating to keep these regulations in place.

Finally, why should the U.S. prioritize the well-being of "legitimate" mining operations over consumers or people. And do not attempt to argue that the abandonment of mining operations will cause a threat to our national security. The exploitation of people by MNC leads to sustained and deep-seated resentment toward the United States.