Subject: File No.
From: Nancy Dawson
Affiliation: Active Citizen and Consumer

February 16, 2017

Dear Chairman Piwowar,
As a concerned US citizen, I am glad to have the opportunity to comment on Section 1502, of the Dodd-Frank Act.For several years, I have worked at the grassroots level to help conflict mineral legislation become a reality. I feel that this legislation is vitally important for the responsible sourcing the 3TGs (tin,tantalum, tungsten and gold) and for helping to stop the corruption rampant in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Section 1502 is working. In 2016, the International Peace Information Service found that three out of the four conflict minerals have largely become peaceful, and that now 79% of miners at tin, tantalum and tungsten mines now work at conflict-free mines. This is a huge change from 2010, when the United Nations reported that almost every mining deposit was controlled by a military group.
As a consumer, I want to know that the materials in the electronic devices I buy are conflict free. Since 2010, infrastructure required for companies to audit their supply chains has been developing and is succeeding in tracing the source of the 3T minerals. As you may know, the DR Congo has suffered for years with armed groups exploiting and robbing mine workers.Violence, intimidation and mass rape have been used as weapons of war, and horrific suffering and loss of life have been far too common. For several years, many people have worked very hard to put Section 1502 in place. Please do not dismantle this hard-fought, important rule.
Thank you,
Nancy Dawson