Subject: Reconsideration of Conflict Minerals Rule Implementation
From: Tanya Tiedje

March 15, 2017

SEC Action Chairman Michael S. Piwowar

Dear SEC Action Chairman Piwowar,

It is beyond understanding how the so-called most advanced species on
this planet continues to exploit, abuse and exterminate all other
species we share it with to no end. Not to mention our blatant
disregard of not only the animals themselves but the fact that this
planet is their home as much as it is ours. We have become monsters,
the greatest enemy of every walking creature on earth. It is time for
the human race to take up its responsibility as the guardians of the
planet we were meant to be and treat our fellow earth-dwellers with the
compassion, respect and dignity they deserve. Animals are not meant to
be confined, imprisoned, used for entertainment or exploited in any
other way. They are sentient beings that deserve to live a dignified
life free of suffering, cruelty, neglect, imprisonment or exploitation
for so-called 'entertainment'. It is no less than our responsibility as
humans to ensure ALL LIVING CREATURES are honoured in this fashion and
to protect and honour them for future generations!


Tanya Tiedje