Subject: SR-NYSEArca-2019-39 ETF Bitcoin wilshire phoenix
From: Sami Santos

Jan. 31, 2020

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Mr. commissioned

I come here to demonstrate my support once again regarding the bitcoin wilshire phoenix ETF for a few reasons:
1- The institutional demand is growing in an impressive way for the bitcoin asset. The CME Group, the first to negotiate futures contracts authorized by the CFTC, has already negotiated US $ 100 billion dollars, from 12/17/2019 to 1/31/2020 and, we have other companies like bakkt that obtained the same approval:   

2 - On market manipulation Nasdaq has already presented plausible solutions against practices of spoofing and pump and dump:   

3 - Congressman, Tom Emmer, in a public hearing, stressed that the American government is stifling cryptocurrency innovation and regulation:   

4 - Bitcoin is a great asset to trade with American public bonds as the ETF is proposing, and since December 1971, then President Richard Nixon ended the gold standard, and since then, the FED's financial assets have been dwindling from out of the ordinary, probably Quantitative Easing: 

Thank You
Sami Santos