Subject: File No. SR-NYSE-2015-66
From: Betty Wilson

January 14, 2016

It sounds like American stock holders are between a rock and a hard place. WE CAN (if our investment is with a concern that
is licensed in Mexico) do a stock trade. We will be allowed to trade our AMEX stock which was trading at about $14 plus dollars
a share for the same number of shares of TELESITES, which are trading for less than a dollar a share. There is something
about this offer that stinks.

If we don't have the RIGHT CONNECTIONS in MEXICO, we cannot make a stock trade. It seems IF we do have the proper
connections in Mexico, we can trade, or sell. It seems if we do not trade for their less than a dollar a share stock, we can sell
it to them, also for less than a dollar a share. However, there are FEES, TAXES and COMMISSIONS, at a rate to be
determined by THEM.

Is it LEGAL for a foreign organization to FORCE US CITIZENS into a one sided trade, where we loose investments of a

I will be 82 on Saturday and felt that I had my old age covered. Under this FORCED TAKE OVER, my future is not only
insecure, but dangerously insecure. I have nearly 5,000 shares and under this TRADE, I will recover less than $5,000,
after they deduct all the above expenses.

If you can't do anything about this unfair, forced take over, can you tell me someone who can???

Mrs. Betty Wilson