Subject: File No. SR-NYSE-2011-61
From: JP Collins
Affiliation: Private Investor

February 6, 2012

To those who can affect change,

I submit to the authorites, that there cannot possibly be a just, legal, and fair reason that deceptive quote practices are allowed to transpire. The individuals and corporations that support and are involved in such activites are no less than stealing from the majority of investors and traders that have no choice but to trust that the information provided, upon which one makes financial and potentially life changing decisions, is true and accurate. For the providers of such information and the authorites which regulate it, I cannot fathom how it isn't the simple most important directive and responsibility to eliminate the possibility that such information is being used in a deceptive, purposefully manipulative, and dishonest manner. Please exercise all authority and justice to construct and apply regulations that support a fair, honest, and trustworthy system from which all involved may make decisions in a way that is honorable to very notion of our society as free and open...not closed except to those who pay the most.