Subject: File No. SR-NSCC-2021-801
From: Robert Becker
Affiliation: Investor

April 1, 2021

As an investor who has been affected by the stock market recently, I feel that this rule should be strongly implemented ASAP. The clear Market manipulation that has taken place the past few months has taken its toll on many stocks and Investments for a lot of people. One ticker in particular would be AMC. The past few weeks have shown clear manipulation of the stock. I strongly feel that this is the same type of thinking and path that led us to the market crash in 2008 because of cdos. This time it was the relaxed spending that was brought on from the pandemic. I strongly urge for 801 to be implemented ASAP before hedge funds and shorter's alike are able to drive down the value and price of companies that do have value and are trying to come back from the pandemic.
Thank you for your time
Robert Becker