Subject: File No. SR-NASDAQ-2013-032
From: William F Derbyshire

March 5, 2013

Can you SRO your SRO with a GAAP IFRS
Without Legaleaze
William Derbyshire

(Release No.34-69030File No.SR-NASDAQ-2013-032)
Self-Regulatory Organizations The NASDAQ Stock Market LLC Notice of Filing of Proposed Rule Change to Require that Listed Companies Have an Internal Audit Function

When this country was in its founding stages of entity and rights such advancements in technology did not exist. We have grown from the abacus to the Triton 357 supercomputer. To be in fallacy of relational costs are as such the given entity existence of today. Regression is to which I speak. It is not only the regression of prosperity, but also the regressions of entities to explore and extend the relational costs of such. There is this law we have here in the United States, that law is non-competition to entities to big to fail. It is illegal to compete in markets and illegal to compete with SROs as such. To take this into account is the difference of prosperity as we see it today and the ever so large growing poverty that we see today. People, small businesses, start-ups, and no one in their right mind wants to compliment entities that they cannot compete with. The too big to fail clause is being implemented once more today with this rule change.
In one huge little word, cost. The little guy cannot afford the cost due to non-compete clauses.
I want to see an SRO try and recover income from entities that refuse to buy softwarecosts. An addition to that is the fact that people will go underground with business and refuse to buy in the markets
There exists a faade of people in our country and this world called you guessed it rightanti micro managing government and it is growing everyday look at the current immigration issues and underpaid workers in our country do you really think they dont have their cousin invest for them.
Every computer, globally every computer would have to have the soft ware on it, even the old ones that are even online did you hear that I have seen companies run ther books offline and report in paper through the mail or have a second computer to go online with to submit their books. How do you think you are going to stop that the anti government anti SRO anti NGO anti political entities of our world?
The Federal Reserve is going to have to implement a global global software design into the very construction of computer systems globally.
Have you ever head of XLBR, WinJammer, CCH, well if you havent just take a look at some of these links

CCH - ProSystem fx Engagement
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It is called Constant Item Purchasing Power Accounting Oracle 11q complete software and hardware structureglobally.
It already exists but for some reason or another the exchanges and SROs are just now getting around to implementing the standards that have been in existence for many years.
The issue behind this implementation is non-compete clauses
If the SROs are in control of everything the people do through the control of the exchanges then they should not have control of the regulation to which the subsidiaries have and utilize. I did not say not to ensure monitoring compliance, just at a different level.
The exchanges should regulate at one level, the SEC at one level, and the subsidiaries at another. SRO means just that, self regulated not issuance guarantor regulation.
That is how the SEC gets to fine the SROs and the SROs are forgetting that they are not the law
This rule could help the exchanges in one way, if everyone on the planet has the same software everyone which means you would not have an SRO anymore
Did you hear that even the SROs would have to be in compliance with the other SROs and that sounds like a conflict of international law if you ask me

SO for you who do not understand what I am talking about, please look up
A ships purser
Purser laws
Husbandry laws
Admiralty Law
Communication Law(this is the conflict, communication law does not match Admiralty Law of back in the day when all the exchanges were put into play)
That specific conflict of durational science and purser law is the source of the comity that we speak to and of which to the exchanges intend to parlay on in this change is software issuance.
As TCP and UDP were adopted, only one port was needed. The even numbered ports were dropped. This is why the even numbers on well known port numbers are unassigned,_march_1977.png

Or the SROs can grow up and all be in the same cloud

but then they wouldnt be an SRO, again or the SEC could mandate the exchanges on the connectivity list to be placed on a singular cloud and regulate every entity that logs in to that cloud and enforce the log in entities to mandatory download the new regulatory software by law just to trade a single PIP,TIC,or TAC that would cure the NASDAQian beast.
And we could accomplish this without one SRO having access to the other SROs portion of the cloud. A partitioned cloud f you would be creative in mind with me.
But every exchange on the planet would have to be on the same Cloud Nine Network go figurelike some of those eccentric billionaire jerks are going to go along with new money go figure

Enjoy the thoughts and answer to your issue of the day Mr. NASDAQ Im still trying to get into college so I can earn enough money to pay off my student loans and debts from illegal actions of others