From: David K. Waldman
Sent: December 13, 2006
Subject: SR-NASDAQ-2006-040

Please see attached letter sent on behalf of my client Perma-Fix Environmental Services:

Perma-Fix Environmental Services strongly opposes NASDAQ’s listing fee proposal. Freedom of choice amongst publicly-traded companies to select the best distribution and most cost effective solution for dissemination of news is in the best interests of shareholders from both a news flow and economic standpoint.

The exchanges and NASDAQ provide a valuable service and, in our opinion, should remain true to their mission of offering a home for publicly traded companies that offers fairness in trading and liquidity for shares of companies residing there.

Eliminating the ability to choose with regard to such an important process can only serve to cause discontent among many of those companies listed on NASDAQ. As CEOs of publicly-traded companies, we are the driving force behind all aspects of our business, including where and how news gets distributed. The restrictive nature of the proposal goes against the very core of free choice and limits our control over an essential aspect of being a public company.


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