From: Richard Gold
Sent: April 28, 2006
Subject: File No. SR-NASDAQ-2006-006


Since I am precluded from and not being represented as an individual, as an individual can not be a "member" of the NASDAQ exchange, I am corcerned that this rule does not address how I and others who are not represented in any way by "members" will be protected, heard and responded to by the new exchange. I have tried to understand this both in the NASDAQ filings and the FED REG File, but still am deeply concerned. Through the NASDAQ market I can own stock (and do), but I was never allowed a membership as an individual, and now it seems by these rules that define NASDAQ members as "brokers and dealers etc" I (and others who own stock) will not have a direct voice once again in this new "public" exchange.
In Sec. 78f. National securities exchanges
(b) Determination by Commission requisite to registration of applicant as a national securities exchange
An exchange shall not be registered as a national securities exchange unless the Commission determines that -
(3) The rules of the exchange assure a fair representation of its members in the selection of its directors and administration of its affairs and provide that one or more directors shall be representative of issuers and investors and not be associated with a member of the exchange, broker, or dealer.

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Richard Gold
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