From: Ron Klein
Sent: October 16, 2006
Subject: SR-NASD-2006-110

REFERENCES: Federal Register Release No. 34-51998 07/08/2005 (NYSE File S7-06-05), SR NYSE-2004-69, NASD SR-NASD-2006-110 (09/19/2006) (Not posted on the Federal Register), Letters from Fred Siesel to SEC (File No. S7-06-05) dated June 2, 2006 and Sept. 14, 2006

Dear Mr. Gaw:

I have had written correspondence and telephone conversations with the office of SEC Market Regulations referencing the following: Notice of an Application NYSE SR-NYSE-2004-69 Federal Register Release No. 34-51998 07/08/2005, and the referenced letters to the SEC from Fred Siesel.

After much discussion and correspondence with the commission, by interested parties, it is necessary without further delay that the investing public and the securities industry have YES or NO answers to the questions submitted below.

With reference to NASD SR-NASD-2006-110; is it the decision of the commission to post this reference on the federal register for comment? YES or NO.

If it is the decision of the commission to post NASD SR-NASD-2006-110 on the federal register for comment, does the commission have the all the necessary information from the NASD, NYSE, or any other subject party, to make the decision to post the filing on the federal register? YES or NO.

Does the commission have sufficient information from the comments submitted for the proposed exemption (Federal Register Release No. 34-51998), and sufficient information submitted from any party subject to the proposed amendment, to make a commission decision for approval or disapproval? YES or NO.

Is the commission waiting for information requested from the NASD, NYSE or any other subject party before the commission can reach a conclusion to the proposed amendments? YES or NO.


Ron Klein
Chairman, CEO
General Associates, Inc.