From: Frank Traynor
Sent: Friday, April 28, 2006 11:07 AM
To: Rule-Comments
Subject: SR-MSRB-2006-3

Gee Wiz!

34 stinken pages and what the heck is this 529 rule now saying?

For the benefit of us who do NOT have a law degree but do have 529's and want to send/keep our kids in college,what the heck does this mean?

Since we taxpayers are paying for all this it would be nice to know what is going on is SIMPLE,easy to understand language. If its more than two pages on a contract I won't sign it as a businessman. Why? Cause more than two pages you are hiding something or trying to figure out a way to hurt me(taxpayer).

So what does this all mean?

Thanks for any clarity,

Frank Traynor