Subject: File No. SR-ISE-2012-08
From: Elizabeth Pula

March 4, 2012

I am requesting that consideration be given to inclusion of a clause to p.8 para f. about "internet privacy of investment data of individuals and pension funds".

My concern is focused on these issue or topic areas: primarily public immediate access to information that is derived from individual and pension fund transactions, that is or may be used by any of the exhanges and regulatory organizations.

Because of consolidation of data and software programs that allow compilation of significant investment data by region, and demographic groups, there needs to be specifically defined limits as to what data, as sourced from individual, and pension fund investments, can be used by any self-regulatory organizations and different exchanges for timings, delays, and controls of trading activities.

The investing public and pension fund groups need to have easy and immediate access from identified reliable sources from the exchanges as to how any data from invested funds is being purchased and from what companies. There needs to be a monetary fine that is acknowledged by the self-regulatory organizations and all exchanges if any exchange uses individual or pension fund data from media advertisers, when access to private proprietary information cannot be individually blocked.

Investment data from media sources, websites, or ISP cannot be sold when obtained from individual internet activity to personal accounts, to any exchange for timing of trades.

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