Subject: SR-ISE-2006-26

June 18, 2006

Hello!!! To whom it may concern: My clearing firm just told me that I will be a professional order account on the ISE because I place about an average of 170 orders a day.....I am going to lose my classification as a customer because i put on many spreads that create liquidity....then please punish the people that do not put up their real markets and systems that wait for somebody to turn a market.....everytime I make a market better somebody follows me on different exchanges, it trades at those exchanges and not on my exchange, is that fair.....if the trader is there at the market, display your market.....Please, allow me to have the same margins as broker-dealers, Doesn't the ISE understand the difference between customer and non-customer?, I am given away thousands of dollars buying back nickel options because of worrying that the clearing firm will charge me higher margins for spreads.....If I do not meet the margin call, I cannot trade.....Tell the ISE to quit wasting our time and have them develop new products.....i have to go my little girl just woke up......thank you very much......andrea schneider