From: David Lagziel
Sent: August 30, 2016
Subject: SR-FINRA-2016-029


My name is David Lagziel and I am the CEO & Developer of “Conflicteam”.

Conflicteam is an online revolutionary system that was developed to address the problem of financial disputes.
The system designed to arbitrate between individuals and parties that have a conflict with a financial basis, all without the need for human intervention.

Today Conflicteam has 2 models of Online dispute resolution :

1. Financial dispute resolution.
    the system trying to bring to both sides to compromise price of any conflict.  

2. Payments and debt settlement.
    the system trying to bring to both sides to compromise on the amount of monthly billing. 

We strongly believe that a system such that, can help resolve conflicts that would otherwise escalate and require human resources, time and money.  
The system is active and can be viewed at Please send us an email (email address redacted) and we would be glad to issue an access token so that you can preview and test the system. 
I would be happy to hear from you and see how we can cooperate.


Best regards,
David Lagziel - CEO