Subject: File Number SR-FINRA-2009-008: Proposed Changes to Forms U4 and U5

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I am writing to express my deep concerns about FINRA`s proposal to revise Forms U4 and U5. This proposal will undermine my efforts to build a successful business by allowing my reputation to be harmed by unproven allegations contained in an arbitration or civil litigation claim in which I am not even a named party.

For someone in any field of endeavor to have his or her reputation sullied by hearsay, possibly even gossip, is not only unprofessional, but down right un-American. In fact, it is a shame that something like this would even be devised.

Therefore, I request that you reject FINRA`s proposal to add Questions 14I(4) and (5) to Form U4 and Questions 7E(4) and (5) to Form U5. Thank you for considering my comments.


Mr Merrell Dean
Registered Representative
Ameritas Investment Corp.