Subject: File No. SR-FICC-2013-05
From: Laura Skinner

June 10, 2013

I am Laura Skinner and I have requested my legal rights as an oil owner starting 1984 clearing our assets while we are poor is a crime. Please stop the bs and fallow the rules . These games are destroying your country, the life's of children, polluting our body's and we are the owners of the chevron #1 contract deed of undetermined heirs we will not be ignored ant more. I demand a meeting from anyone who's involved in these clearing houses that are stealing our assets. Please pass the word. What are u all so afraid of the truth. We r no harm, let us be truthful and open as the President has ensured us he will be. Also the sec has our report also and no announcement was given of these clearings. I have a redress of grievances to be addressed before any more gos out .Respectfully Laura Skinner