Subject: File #SR-CHX-2016-20
From: Sandy Sapa

September 15, 2017

I strongly object to North America Casin Holdings purchasing the Chicago Stock Exchange.  North America Casin Holdings has a lot of Chinese companies and is led by Chongquing Casin Enterprise Group.  Since this would be the first US exchange to be owned by mostly Chinese companies, I think we are setting a very bad precedent for ownership of American financial institutions.  Before you know it, more Chinese companies may do the same thing, and we, as Americans, would lose a lot of control over our well established American financial institutions.  Do you think that China would allow the Americans to buy into their financial institutions?  I doubt that very much, so we definitely should not do it!!!  We must now, more than ever, exert our control of many of our American institutions, especially the financial ones.

Sandy Sapa