Subject: Release No. 34-79474; File No. SR-CHX-2016-20
From: Aileen Zhong

September 11, 2017

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to reiterate my support to the proposed acquisition of the Chicago Stock Exchange by the Casin Group. With my years of working experience in both Chinese and US companies, I see the benefits for this transaction. China has become No. 2 largest economy in the world with rapid growth in the past 30 years. As the economy grows, not only international trade has increased drastically, more and more Chinese companies have expended globally, the US is one of the top options for Chinese direct investments. As a large holding company based in China, Casin Group may influence potential entities to be listed on a US platform. As for the concern of the control of a US stock exchange by a foreign entity, I have faith in US regulatory system.

Thanks & best regards,
Aileen Zhong