Subject: File No. SR-CboeBZX-2018-040
From: michael lyle
Affiliation: VFX Technical Director

July 17, 2018

I am writing to urge the approval of the rule change to allow the listing and trade shares of solidx bitcoin shares issues by the VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust.

Bitcoin since it's inception has been smeared in the public domain with issues relating to its use for illegal purchases. However the truth, as I am sure the SEC is fully aware now, is that distributed ledger technology, by its very nature, allows the close monitoring of exchange of value and allows zero anonymity IF ALLOWED to be regulated properly. The approval of this filing would mark a healthy new chapter, encouraging a new, open and healthy regulated crypto currency market, and gearing it away from taking a clandestine underground path, or being adopted by other emerging economies, leaving the US behind in terms of innovation and growth.

Essentially bitcoin is a new type of asset, a store of wealth and as such there is no basis for denying it a legal status in the form of a etf security. I believe it will positively enhance the world of banking and finance due to the technological advancements that will arise from it being available to larger investment funds. The banking sector is in dire need of transformation and I believe this is the safe and promising vehicle of change.