Subject: Public Comment on SR-CBOEBZX-2018-040
From: Eric Davis

July 8, 2018

To whom it may concern, I'm a causal retail investor in myriad investment vehicles, including cryptocurrencies, as a means to enable my financial freedom and secure my future financial independence. Getting straight to the point, there are specific slices of the populace that are yearning for easy and secure access to cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin. These investors are going to continue to invest their money in cryptocurrencies, particularly, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ether, regardless of the rules and regulations, but they sure would appreciate the SEC legitimizing these investment vehicles because it would provide an added layer of peace of mind. The SEC should be the global leader and set an example by relaxing the ETF rules enough to allow for the approval of the SolidX Bitcoin ETF. If the SEC wants to continue to be relevant in the coming years, it will take the lead on this issue and pave the way for the global community to come together and embrace the endless possibilities of blockchain currency, commodities, and eventually securities. I believe the SEC should approve the subject proposal.

thank you,
Eric Davis