Subject: File No. SR-BatsBZX-2017-38
From: Christina Crouch
Affiliation: Smart ltd.

June 5, 2017

Hi,I am a law abiding, tax paying USA citizen. I am middle class and still paying off my student loans. A friend told me about Ethereum. I didnt pay too much attention to him till I heard about IBM, Intel, Microsoft. I pushed myself to understand after much self doubt and fear of wasting my hard earned money in what is becoming a tougher and tougher US economy. I hope the American dream lives on.

Since then I have come to understand more about how this technology will change how we do business by cutting their costs. I now know that it is growing outside the US and will not stop. I see millionaires and wealth popping up OUTSIDE the USA by following FB for goodness sake. I dont mind paying taxes if I make money on this stuff. My number one concern is that USA is falling behind. What will happen if all other business' in other countries cut costs first and we are not part of the new wealth? I can't buy on one of the world exchanges, I can only sell BE CAUSE I live in the USA. I find that scary. Why is that? Are you protecting us from this? Our young people should be on the forefront of this technological advancement not burying their head in the sand making a difficult economic future a foregone conclusion.

Unlike many I agree this needs to be governed, stratagized upon and well thought out. I perhaps naively believe we delay to protect our citizens. However, you have to step us up somehow or by the time we get in the game we will have lost too much. Americans are innovators and fighters, please work this out. Thankyou.

Citizen who may not always agree but pays taxes and is loyal to my country.