Subject: Comments on BATS EDGX Rulemaking
From: Hans Christensen

February 20, 2017

Hello SEC

I´m not an american but I think that the decision about the Bitcoin: Coin ETF is not just a question for americans but for all of us living in the global world. I find myself as one of the few lucky ones on this common earth to have the right to express myself in any form and in any situation that I find suitable for myself, without the control of anything but my own heart and morals. To live in that kind of environment as a human being is the one thing that makes us grow and learn as individuals. We all live in the same tiny spot here and decisions made by SEC is just as important for me or anyone else living on this surface we we all call our home. I Guess that if SEC don´t approve it now, some other eventually will. Maybe in Europe or Asia.

They do have a ”bitcoin”-fund on the stock exchange in Sweden called XBT. It went live for about one years ago and it follows the value of Bitcoin. You can buy it as a fund, you pay taxis on it as you do with any other fund and it´s easy and safe to handle.

There is volatility in the bitcoin market, yes, as in all new commodities, I´m sure in the gold or oil market back when they were new as well had all these ”new” characteristics, or even the stock market from the beginning and maybe even as it looks today. I´m not a bitcoin holder myself, I´m not one who has anything to gain from your ruling, but If we in the free world closes the door on new technologies and only put trust in old common payment systems, I as a fellow human being think we are walking in the wrong direction and sadly don´t manage to see that humans that has lived before as always has been exploring for new frontiers and new solutions. The dollar is not as safe as it once were, it´s heavily in debt and to find a new commodity right at our door step in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies when all of us, be it in dollar, yen, euro or rubel are to heavily dependent. Maybe will this happen only once in human history. If we find ourselves so lucky, I´m for one hopes that the government and agencies in the form of the modern world sees it and makes it something that is controllable, safe, free from debt and fair.

We can´t stop evolving, we can´t just lean back and watch our clock go backwards. We have to se how our world will look like in the future, we have to make our own luck and be like the ones before us, hungry for new better solutions, brave in our believes that we will leave a better world for our children and the generations ahead. In twenty years or in fifty years the paper money we have today will be long gone, replaced with something better. It will be replaced even if we want it or not with something faster, cheeper and more convenient. The bootle has been opened for years and it´s not possible to make bitcoin go away just as it´s not possible for any FIAT to compete with this new technology in the long run. It will prevail in human history until something better comes along.

I hope SEC sees the development and the hard work thousand of engineers and tech people around the world puts in to this new blockchain system. If it´s treated right it will be one of the most brilliant solutions ever known to man. If we take control of it and embrace it with respect and a open mind to learn from what a new dawn of economy can give us all. I´m sure we all can take something positive from this time in history and stop being stuck in the -19xx`s and willing to take charge for the century ahead of us. Even if we don´t know what the future holds we all have responsibility to make a call for the better and this time it´s up to you SEC to guide us safely through the transition from the old to the new economic system, be it you or someone else.

The bootle has been controversy opened since 2009 and new times lays ahead of those who sees it and manage to embrace it with a mind open for new ideas and solutions. Bitcoin will non the less gain it´s popularity in one way or another. I for one hopes that it´s trough you SEC and other counties "control" and trough your "now your costumer" that cryptocurrencies gain peoples trust, long before it hits the mainstream global.

/Good luck with your ruling and have a nice day to you all.