Subject: SR-BatsBZX-2016-30
From: Diego Tomaselli

February 17, 2016


    Exactly 20 years ago (1997) "" was registered after Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

The Internet was NOT YET the wonderful technology that we (ME AND YOU) are using, IN THIS VERY MOMENT: thousands of miles away, we are actually exchanging FREE ideas for FREE, and faster than the Speed of Sound.
Yes, a "nerdy" invention DID CHANGE Human History, FOR GOOD.

In 1997, The United States were at the very center of such a Revolution: 
- you did FACE that strange "uncomfortable feeling of insecurity".. 
- you did FIGHT the fear of something new and unknown.. 
- And you did WIN your place on top of the Digital World..

Conquering that New Frontier.. erecting your Silicon Valley..


Now, it's 1997 again.
Again, there's something new, unknown, and a bit nerdy (maybe even dangerous).

And again, there's PLENTY OF BRIGHT PEOPLE spreading their sincere ENTHUSIASM over something that, in their imaginative "childish" minds, is going to spark another EXPLOSION OF PROGRESS AND FREEDOM ALL OVER THE WORLD.

But there is no such thing as a "Silicon Valley" (yet).


The Winklevoss brothers are just two pioneers asking for your permission "to go and explore" this New Frontier, together with those brave American investors WILLING TO RISK THEIR OWN MONEY in pursuit of AN IDEA.


And you can stop them, of course.

Because NOBODY will ever tell you "bitcoin is safe".


But I can tell you something: bitcoin is MUCH safer than, for example, trusting the winds to cross some ocean on wood.


In conclusion:

We understand your role is to protect the American Investor.

Please, just don't forget to protect also the American Spirit.