Subject: File No. S7-45-10
From: Jack F Chiovatero
Affiliation: Mayor, City of New Berlin, WI

February 16, 2011

I am commenting as a Municipal leader about the proposal regarding File No. S7-45-10. As a Mayor in a CITY of 40,000, I try to get many qualified and interested citizens in Committees and Boards to help manage or direct our leaders in guiding the actions and policies we abide by. These policies help us legislate and make decisions in the best interest of our citizens and taxpayers. Its called transparent and action government.
Just recently, I was made aware of this proposed ruling that would require a volunteer citizen to register and be regulated as an Municipal advisor. In reading the proposed rules, this requirement ia a deterent and additional burden on citizens who want to volunteer or have an active role in or government. I am proud to say that we have approximately 180 citizens involved in several Boards and Commissions. Finding qualified and dedicated people to fill these postions is tough in this day of busy and complicated lifestyles that we all live. If this rule and requirement goes forward, I know this will be another roadblock in getting citizen involvement. I request that this rule be modified to NOT include those volunteers who are not compensated and appointed to Municipal Boards and Commissions. With out this valuable advice and help for these appionted volunteers, the Council would find it difficult to represent the true intent and wishes of our community. Thank you for your consideration in this modification and please exclude this portion of the proposal. Mayor Jack Chiovatero, New Berlin, WI