Subject: File No. S7-45-10
From: Wyatt Parno, CPA

February 16, 2011

Securities and Exchange Commission,

I highly regard your role in protecting investors and facilitating capital markets. Thank you for supporting trade in the United States.

The purpose of my comment is to ask that you exclude appointed board members of municipal governments from the Dodd-Frank registration requirements in rule 34-63576.

The city government I work for consists of elected board members, and I understand that they would be excluded. I appreciate that appointed board members similarly act in only a general policy decision making capacity but can not serve as advisors to themselves.

Board members of local governing bodies are often citizen volunteers who are interested in serving for the public good. Imposing registration requirements could deter citizen participation.

Thank you for your consideration of my comment.

Wyatt Parno
Finance Manager
City of Gresham, Oregon