Subject: File No. S7-44-10
From: suzanne h shatto
Affiliation: investor

January 21, 2011

i think this is a great idea. shortsellers have been conducting these long sieges which takes $ out of the market and their brokers submit equities or bonds to get the clearinghouse to give the buying broker an IOU. these IOUs are all over the market.

just because an investor wants to make $, for short term or long term, it doesn't mean that their investment should lose $ because a shortseller wants to make a profit. they travel in gangs, like a little army, to decrease the price of a stock.

the supply and demand curve does not take naked shorting into account. they are "temporarily" adding more stock in order to decrease the price. they hurt peoples' retirements, nest eggs. they try to demoralize investors with this lower price so that the investors will sell to them cheap. they are all over messageboards, casting doubt and aspersions.

this proposal would make shortsellers limit the time of the siege and that is a step in the right direction.

you're doing a great job.