Subject: File No. S7-42-10
From: Arona Samb

February 11, 2012

Dear SEC Commissioners,

Please do not give in to industry pressures on Section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Act (the Cardin-Lugar Amendment) - and make sure that ALL companies are covered, every country and every project gets reported, and loopholes that would allow large sums of money to go unreported are closed.

My Comment:

I know about the damages of this type of corruption and its consequences first hand. I'm originally from Senegal where the corrupt government of president Wade has been exploiting gold from some of the poorest areas of the country with the help of foreign companies. Not only are those rural populations displaced or their lands and water sources polluted, but no one sees where the money goes, or how much they really get from these contracts, or even how the contracts are awarded.

Arona Samb