Subject: File No. S7-42-10 - Comment from Madeline Fox

Dear SEC Commissioners,

Please do not give in to industry pressures on Section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Act (the Cardin-Lugar Amendment) - and make sure that ALL companies are covered, every country and every project gets reported, and loopholes that would allow large sums of money to go unreported are closed.

My Comment:

The illicit trade in conflict minerals is of great concern to me, both as a consumer and an investor. In no way do I want to be complicit in supporting the violence and terror that has permeated the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I'm asking that you swiftly implement strong rules that cover all conflict materials and the companies that procure them, from one end of the supply chain to the other. Please ensure that DRC conflict-free products are labeled only when they meet a high standard of proof, so it is possible to avoid products made with these ill-gotten source materials. I also want to be certain that my investment vehicles do not include businesses whose practices contribute to the on-going crises in the region. It is important that I have a choice when making these purchase and investment decisions. Please do not compromise this law by succumbing to pressure from oil company lobbyists! You have an opportunity to have a profound and positive effect on a suffering population.

Madeline Fox