Subject: File No. S7-41-11
From: Brandon Reddick

December 3, 2011

Dear SEC,

I just signed Occupy the SEC's petition "Protect the People, Not the Banks: Enforce a Strong Volcker Rule!" on

Here's why I signed:
America is declining, our human capital has vanished and we can no longer be globally competitive; at least not on the path we currently lead. There is a solution, but it requires that those who cannot control their selfish behavior be heavily regulated in our financial sectors, if not removed entirely. The Volcker Rule presents an opportunity to remove the unequal treatment of the individual versus the financial institutions. The nation cannot perform at its greatest capacity if those in charge of leading it are not performing in the best interest of the country, but instead live to please a select view. Some of the biggest names, such as Jamie Dimon, will repeat that the rule is not needed, but it is. This is the simplest framework for dissolving many of the complex trading scenarios and financial vehicles which led us into this crisis. There is no reason that the markets should be so closely linked so if one fails they all do. Relative to much of our financial system this is a simple rule and we can all see the opposition from the banks is clearly strong. This is but a small step on a journey across the nation. It won't be easy, so I beg of you; read all you can on what is really happening to our country, find out what you can do to support a revision of our economic sector, and prepare yourselves for a revolution.

Brandon Reddick
Lees Summit, Missouri