Subject: Proprietary Trading OCC: OCC-2011-14, FRS: Docket No. R-1432 and RIN 7100 AD82, FDIC: RIN 3064-AD85, SEC: S7-41-11

February 13, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Proprietary trading is dangerous and like all gambling, addictive. Given how little else has been fixed in the increasingly parasitic financial services industry, it is lunatic to expect that we will not see another even more devastating financial collapse within a very few years.

Proprietary trading + derivative speculations + leverage = Catastrophic Collapse of the Global Economy. Again.

This is not attenuated, deductive reasoning. It is historical fact (not to mention plain common sense).

Please protect the American people from these rapacious "bankers," doing "God's work." Frankly, it is hard to imagine how the Republic will survive another "bad day at the tables." It's long past time to cut them off, before they destroy us all with more of their self-serving"financial innovations."

Paul B. Bellamy, JD, Ph.D.