Subject: Comments regarding File Number S74111

February 9, 2012

I'm writing in support of a strong Volcker Rule. Every American was affected by the economic collapse of 2008, and the worst part is that it was completely avoidable.

As you prepare the final rule, bear in mind the fundamental goal of the rule - to ban big banks from exposing consumers and taxpayers to risky proprietary trades. It needs to transparent how much money banks have in reserves and the types of investments they are making need to be clearer as well as the risks associated with them.

Banks that break the rules should face swift, automatic penalties for violations. Not just as corporate entities but also key decision makers within the organization. Violations of the Volcker Rule endanger the stability of our financial system. They should not be treated lightly.

Exemptions should only be allowed if they do not undermine this goal. If an exemption would result in exposing consumers and taxpayers to bank risk, it should be rejected.

Thank you for considering my comment,

James Ofsink

Portland, OR