Subject: File No. S7-41-11
From: Daniel Lowenstein and Kathy Hamilton

February 13, 2012

Our country needs a strong "Volcker Rule."
Will your legacy be:
o Federal regulators who were bought off accomplices of the banking criminals and greedy Wall Streeters who crashed the US economy in 2008 and helped the swindlers continue their racket.
o About the only federal regulators who stuck up for 99% of the US citizenry/taxpayers -including old folks with pensions and other hard working people who did nothing to collapse the economy, and about the only regulators who actually helped the country by supporting an exemption and exception free Volcker rule.

The Dodd Frank Act demands that you act to change current business practices on Wall Street so that another financial crisis is not created by the above mentioned crooks.

The Volker rule must:
1. Separate risky proprietary trading from the traditional business functions of banking institutions.
2. Ban proprietary trading at banks.
3. Massively reduce the risk that financial market gambles threaten to undermine our whole financial system. I THINK IT IS STUPID TO ALLOW TRADING ANYWHERE CLOSE TO "THE SPEED OF LIGHT' AND IT IS TOTALLY UNFAIR TO MOM AND POP INVESTORS.
4. Stop conflicts of interest like -Wall Street firms selling their customers deals which such sneak-thief firms have designed to fail.
5. PUNISH the Volker Rule breaking banks. I suggest taking away their corporate charter, closing them down (open them again as public banks run like the Bank of North Dakota), require staggering fines be paid and throw individual bankers in a Chinese iPad factory to toil for a decade or two. WHY ARE WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS WHO STEAL ZILLIONS, STEAL HOMES AND RIP OFF THE TAXPAYERS ALLOWED TO LIVE FREE AFTER A SLAP-ON-THE-WRIST FINE??? WILL YOU LET THESE CROOKS REMAIN ABOVE THE LAW?

Tell the banking lobby that the party is over.
Thanks ahead if you support a strong Volker Rule,
Daniel Lowenstein and Kathy Hamilton in Denver 80212