Subject: File No. S7-41-11
From: Martha Ramsey

February 13, 2012

To whom this concerns:

Please do not bow to the banks. Draft a strict, loophole-free version of the Volcker Rule.

Our society is hanging in the balance. Do you really want to see more desperate protests, police violence, people out of work? Do you want to see people starving while owners of food supplies refuse to give them food? Do you want to see the Great Depression redux? Do you want to see major cities on fire, blood running in the streets, government and bank officials bombed and assassinated, the rule of law thrown out of the window by both citizens and government?

This is a serious letter from a concerned citizen. Surely you realize that too much money and power lies now in the hands of too small a portion of our society. History shows that failure to remedy this situation leads to bad outcomes. Witness the current state of Greece. Don't let it happen here.

Please act with prudence to curtail the excesses of the financial industry's casino, before it is too late and our society begins to break down. Regulation of banks was never more urgent than now. Do it properly. Close the loopholes. Make the Volcker Rule strict.

Thank you.

Martha Ramsey
Brattleboro, Vermont