Subject: File No. S7-40-10
From: Sadiki Byombuka
Affiliation: Member of National Parliament

April 11, 2012

As a newly elected Congolese MP, elected in the eastern province of South Kivu where some communities live on artisanal mining,

I'm writing to the Securities and Exchange Commission to request to publish the rules to accompany Dodd Frank Section 1502.

The government of DRC has integrated into national regulations on mining provisions of the Dodd Frank Act and it is important to get the rules published by the SEC so that they can further inspire DRC laws and regulations.

The rules were due for publication last April - so they're now nearly one year overdue

One of the knock-on effects of the delay is the slow-down of trade in eastern DRC. Not only does this affect the economies of North and South Kivu but also their artisanal mining communities.

Yours sincerely

Sadiki Byombuka
DRC Member of Parliament
Telephone: +243 997 732 905