Subject: File No. S7-40-10
From: Jim Wells

January 31, 2012

Your delaying of the release of the final rule for Section 1502 (conflict minerals) is not surprising. It is a classic means of making moot laws which were passed to placate public concerns without cramping the style of the plutocrats. And you either believe yourself to be a member of that club or a beneficiary of it, yes?

Please do NOT back down from your illegal support of the wealthy and the utilitarian instead of legal support of environmental considerations and the common folk. Please continue facilitating stealing from everyone else to amass more for the plutocracy. In fact, please ramp up your efforts, because the sooner more of the masses have even less reason to support your selfish and greedy ass than they do now, the sooner they will launch an American-style French Revolution. Even if they never do, the game will end anyway someday because it is simply unsustainable due to resource limits. It would be better, even for you, if it were to end before all those resources run out. But your masters will not allow you to reverse course, so your only option to help end it is to proceed, full speed ahead!


jim wells