Subject: File No. S7-40-10
From: linzey g toole, jr

October 14, 2011

I do not believe we will ever get any truth, when we all have to rely on corrupt, lawyers, bankers and government officials, involved in Africa. They are mostly criminals taking advantage of as many as they can. There is evidence of such through-out Africa, futhermore, there is as well even more evidence they are running scams all over the world through the internet, with the developed countries doing very little if anything to stop such. The people of the world deserve much better service of all government entities. These same individuals as well are involved in using the minerals as bait to scam more people and finance terriost activites through out the world as well as money laundry of the procedes due to the fact the criminals you wish all of us to put trust in with new wasted ideas, will wind up in control and continue the same activities of corruption. Why is it alwqays way too late for international law enforcement to get the job they were paid to do done. I would suggest it is because there friends need to get more money in there pockets first-- this seems to be the same with many problems. What kind of a fund should or will you try to acess so those of us that have been defrauded will get our money back from the legal corrupt companies already poised to take charge with your endorsement? I need to go take my sea sick pills now, from this merry-go-round.


Victim of your late show