Subject: File No. S7-16-10
From: Lori G Kechter

December 15, 2010

Director, Division of Corporate Finance
Securities and Exchange Commission

Dear Ms. Cross and all of the SEC:

I want you to know that I recognize the industry is lobbying you for the weakest possible enforcement of the Dodd-Frank Title XV amendment to the Financial Reform Package.

The reason that I am contacting you is because of the millions of people, like me, that are crying out for the strictest possible enforcement of this law to be put in place. DO NOT give in to pressures made by the industry after the battle that has been fought to stop the conflict mineral trade that is feeding the Bloodbath in DR Congo.

I had the privilege of being part of the Outcry for Congo campaign last week, and was able to see the passion and diversity of people who demand help and a plan for those in Congo. They do not want their products tainted with the blood of innocents.

Our shared humanity is at stake here. It was Hewlett-Packard itself that estimated the cost of the audits required by the bill to be at less than 1 penny per product at an industry group, without a word of protest from anyone else present at that meeting. This is no "burden" on industry. It is the minimum required to maintain our humanity.

One penny per product?

Act on behalf of humanity, its easy. Do the Right thing.

Lori Kechter
Administrator, Outcry for Congo Campaign
Member, A Thousand Sisters Campaign