Subject: File No. S7-16-10
From: Laura Matter
Affiliation: Reading Specialist, California State University Monterey Bay

December 15, 2010

Dear Ms. Cross and all of the SEC
Here is a brief synopsis of the terror in the Congo.

"MILITIA USE TERROR TO GAIN AND MAINTAIN CONTROL OF MINING TERRITORIES. It is a simple formula: burn 47 people alive one day, behead 29 more less than a week later, all the while raping every woman and child you come across, and poof, the locals disappear, leaving you free to mine to your heart's content. Many of the women who are raped are mutilated in the process. Some require YEARS of surgery, and still the damage to their organs cannot be repaired. They have no way to support their surviving children...and children are dying in massive numbers as a result." Ann Shannon

I do not want my purchases in America to fund or contribute to this brutality. The violence is unimaginable. But imagine it for one minute and you must enact the strictest possible enforcement for this amendment.
Laura Matter
A Thousand Sisters
Outcry for Congo