Subject: File No. S7-40-10
From: Patricia Aubel

March 2, 2011

45,000 people continue to die every month as a result of the conflict in the DRC. We are indirectly fueling this conflict by giving armed rebel groups the money and power to continue to rape, exploit, plunder, and kill. It is unacceptable to be a bystander to a genocide (as the US did in Rwanda 17 years ago), but even worse to be SUPPORTING the genocide financially.
So few people know about this deadly conflict that CONTINUES to kill 45,000 people EVERY MONTH. The cycle of 1) exploitation to gain resources, then 2) sale of resources to gain money for weapons and power of regions, then 3) more weapons and power for further exploitation and killing WILL continue unless we step in.
Companies may complain that these new regulations would create difficulties or economic burden, but there is no price to a human life.
I urge you to make these proposed rules go forward.