Subject: File No. S7-36-11
From: victor libov
Affiliation: B.Sc., MBA

September 7, 2011

Even the MSNBC admitted that lately the High Frequency Trading machines are manipulating the US stock market and therefore US economy, and that the regulators just do not know what to do. The recent turbulence of the markets along with flash-crashes (both down and up) were drastically amplified by High Frequency Trading Computers. The machines are running the markets and US economy... Please help the country and the American Investors with the following simple steps:

1) Stop High Frequency Trading machines
2) Reinstall Up Tick Rule
3) Tax short term trades -less then 2 weeks at 50% tax bracket. Here is your additional revenue.
4) Increase margin requirements for the commodities traders, especially for oil - stop speculation

These insane market gyrations are not productive and destroy confidence in our stock market for US and international investors - we cannot afford any more downgrades in confidence at this point. These simple 4 steps will take care of this problem and bring in much needed revenue by punishing speculators, and NOT investors.

The HFT machine trading (depending where they are located)might be a matter for homeland security.