Subject: File No. S7-36-11
From: Ted Schaefer

September 8, 2011

You need to write TONS of new regulations to control Wall St and Corporations, especially in the area of rules around mergers and buyouts, borrowing money from big banks for that purpose, firing workers in order to make the 'deal' work,etc.
If Co. A wants to buy B, then the acquirer should not be able to borrow $$$ from banks for that purpose, should have 100% cash on their books escrowed for a year minimum before the purchase, and should be unable to fire any workers in either company for a year after the buyout.

Second, there are far too few rules around companies which go public for the first time---100% of all issued or authorized shares of all types should be sold to the public all at once on the IPO date, and no new shares should be sold for a minimum of one year thereafter. There should be no shares with more than one vote per share, etc.