Subject: File No. S7-36-11
From: bill nelson
Affiliation: investor

September 6, 2011

You have smothered job creation

Please, anyone, go to the

all the stocks are now foreign

no smaller USA companies can take their company public

SOX and FinReg have devastated capital formation

15c2-11 process at Finra to get your stock trading initiated is a disaster and can take up to a year..

their will be no job creation.....

144(g)3 has every brokerage firm scared to death to take in a stock certificate

144(i)1(i)'s evergreen provision has killed deals. if you are so concerned, OUTLAW REVERSE MERGERS..

I always thought reporting pursuant to 12(g) was voluntary: you are on a witch hunt against small companies that don't

DTC because they are an SRO are freezing companies out of the electronic clearing systaem without due process.

All you have accomplished is the exporting of tens and tens of thousands of jobs and billions of financings to Germany and London..

please let business breathe......



you can't legislate morality...