Subject: File No. S7-35-11
From: Retired Income Investor

September 4, 2011

Dear SEC,

Your friends at the Federal Reserve have already taken away 50% of my retirement income by keeping short term interest rates @ ZERO. I, like many other retirees have been forced into purchasing MReits (since they actually pay a nice dividend - much more than ZERO). The MReits have been a major source of my retirement income for the past 5 years and have been quite stable until recently (that's a whole other comment for our politicians). Now you propose to take away the remainder of my income by changing their exemption status after 60+ years and capping their leverage. Really? Do you not understand how difficult it is to make any type of retirement income through investments as of late? Please don't take away a good source of a retiree's income. I, like many don't have a pension and need this income to survive.

Retired Income Investor