Subject: File No. S7-35-11
From: Keith C Storer
Affiliation: Retired professional, sales for a large tobacco company

September 4, 2011

Ladies and Gentleman of the SEC,

I recently retired and began living on my pension/401K payouts, all of which was invested with a large national investment firm. I've held a portion of those funds in an IRA that I have been able to manage for myself. The amounts are not large by many standards, and have to sustain me through my golden years (the total fund was less than 500K).

In my non-managed account I hold positions in many REIT's (NLY, CYS, and CIM for example). I purchased those stocks because of their high dividend return, which I rely on because this smaller, non-managed account needs to perform for me prior to my application for Social Security, which will happen in a little less than 2 years.

I urge you not to change the status of these funds not only as a benefit to a small investor such as myself, but also because these REIT's return so much of their profits back to people like me.

Please consider these thoughts carefully before making any changes. I would be happy to continue a dialog with you in the matter, but please know that I am no professional in these regards.

Thank You, and Regards,

Keith C. Storer
Harrisonburg, Va.