Subject: File No. S7-35-11
From: Todd May
Affiliation: Individual Investor

September 8, 2011

Dear SEC

Please leave the mREITs alone. I am an individual investor. The whipsaw movements of this market are making it nearly impossible for the little guy to participate in the market. ETF's that must settle up each day are creating huge volatility in the markets. The last thing we need is for the SEC to make even more volatility by further regulating the mREITs and increasing their costs. Their yields are the most attractive investments available. I fully understand they have risk due to their leveraged positions. That is my responsibility to understand before investing. This action related to S7-35-11 knocked $12,000 out of my portfolio overnight. Stop adding to the market's volatility and go chase after the high frequency traders that can get in an out of a given security multiple times before I can even execute a single trade. Your job is to protect the individual investor. Put regulations in place that keep limit artificial volatility. I have instructed my broker to liquidate all positions my account. I still keep an account that I manage personally, but the bulk of my money is sitting on the sidelines. I will not participate in a market that moves 1000 points in either direction multiple times a quarter on irrelevant data.

Regulate the right stuff. Leave my dividends in the mREITs alone.