Subject: File No. S7-35-11
From: Daniel Barz

September 7, 2011

Hello - I am writing this to express the view of an individual investor who does not have a large portfolio and has experienced several losses lately with the financial blow-up. News of a possible rule change by the SEC to reit's has already caused the stock value of my reit investments to go down. I would like to voice my support for the current structure that reits have and would not support any action to change a reit's structure or rules. In this economy, it is very difficult to find an investment for a common, everyday investor that can provide an acceptable return. Reit's, in their current environment, being allowed to use leverage, provide a nice stable dividend that this small time investor needs for everyday expenses and retirement purposes. Please do not change the environment on these reit's and deprive small-time investors another option to make a positive return on thier investment. Thank you.